This topic describes how to revise and execute data definition language (DDL) statements.

Background information

  • Advanced Database & Application Migration (ADAM) identifies incompatible objects.
  • ADAM depends on the objects of incompatible objects.


  1. Click the Schema Revision tab.
  2. Filter the schema objects that are in the FAILED or MANUAL state. Then, click Revise in the Actions column.
  3. On the Object to Revise tab of the Schema Revision dialog box, set the following parameters.
    • Revise: Revise the current object.
    • Reset: Reset the initial object.
    • Ignore: Skip the migration of the object.Schema Revision
    • Transformation: View the current DDL statements that ADAM transforms. You must manually transform unsupported DDL statements.
    • Dependent Objects: View the dependent objects of the current object.
    • Referenced Objects: View the referenced objects of the current object.
    • Object Features: View the features of the current object.Details

What to do next

If major data changes occurred in the source database, you can click the Compare Increments (Optional) step to compare incremental data.