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Mini program prompts: application update error (1001)

Last Updated: Mar 10, 2021

Problem description

When the app launches the mPaaS mini-program, an error message “Application update error” is shown as follows:

update error

Common cause

After you call the update API of the MDS mini-program, if no corresponding mini-program information is obtained, 1001 will be returned.

Before mPaaS opens a mini-program application, the mPaaS framework first needs to get the basic information of the mini-program. Therefore, the client will approve the RPC request and then publish information from the server. If the acquisition of the mini-program fails, or if it does not hit the target app to be opened, you will see “Application update error”.

Possible causes of the issue:

  • The server does not publish the mini-program. This occurs when the console has not published the uploaded mini-program or when the server has not received the mini-program just published.
  • The client version number is out of scope.
  • There is a mismatch between the request information and the rules published by the server.

Troubleshooting procedure

  1. Filter logs.
    Filter DynamicRelease in the Log message of the Android Studio console. Check the item information of the protected UnionResourceInfo object. Note that the basic information of the mini-program obtained by the server contains the item information.

  2. Log on to the mPaaS console and go to Mini Program>Mini Program Publishing to check the status of the mini program.
    When the mini-program status is Pending and Released, the server cannot get the mini-program information normally.

  3. Check the range of the client version, which corresponds to the versionName value in the Android project.
    When the minimum version number < current app version number < maximum version number, the mPaaS mini-program can be pulled properly. Otherwise, the pulling operation will fail and show “Application update error”.

    Note: In the official version, perform the configuration according to the actual scope of the client.

Ticket for assistance

If you still cannot solve the issue, prepare a demo project to reproduce the issue and contact the mPaaS post-sale support through Alibaba Cloud Ticket system.