This topic describes the latest version updates of SDK for Java, including the new and enhanced features of a specific version of SDK for Java.

The following table describes the latest version updates of SDK for Java. For more information, visit the URL of the related version.

Version Change type Description
v0.37.10-public New feature Resource files with sizes of 500 MB to 2 GB can be uploaded or downloaded.
v0.37.9-public New feature Tunnel: The Arrow interface is added to TableTunnel.
Enhanced feature
  • Core: Memory usage of resource download is optimized.
  • Tunnel:
    • The SQL DATE-related methods of ArrayRecord are reconstructed.
    • The overloading method createStreamUploadSession is added to TableTunnel.
  • MaxCompute Query Acceleration (MCQA): The overloading methods getTaskName, getSubqueryId, getResult, and getResultSet are added to SQLExecutor.
Fixed issues
  • Tunnel:
    • The issue that causes the values of the DATETIME type in SQL statements to be out of the time range is fixed.
    • The issue that causes TunnelBufferedWriter to have high memory overhead is fixed.
  • MapReduce: The issue that ColumnBasedRecordComparator may cause ArrayOutOfBoundException is fixed.
Fixed incompatibility issues Tunnel: The internal data types of the DATE type in ArrayRecord is changed from java.sql.Date to java.time.LocalDate.
v0.36.7-public Enhanced feature
  • Tunnel: TableTunnel.FlushResult#reset() is added so that StreamRecordPack can be reused.
  • MapReduce: Multiple inputs are merged for better performance when a MapReduce task is converted into an SQL task.
  • SQLExecutor: SQLExecutor#getSummary() is added.
v0.36.4-public Enhanced feature
  • Core: Projects can be iterated by using filters. For more information, see Projects # iteratorByFilter(ProjectFilter filter).
  • Tunnel:
    • The limit on the maximum field size (8 MB) is removed. You can set odps.sql.cfile2.field.maxsize to specify the maximum field size.
    • Write timeout is supported.
    • Partitions can be automatically created in StreamTunnel.
  • SQLExecutor:
    • The cache for the Tunnel endpoint is added.
    • Multiple execution results can be downloaded at the same time.
Fixed issues