Dynamic Route for CDN (DCDN) supports automatic and manual image rotation. You can set DCDN to automatically rotate images to a proper orientation or rotate images to a specified orientation. This topic describes how to rotate images and provides examples.

  • To use image editing, you must first submit a ticket to activate this feature.
  • Image editing is a paid service. It is currently free of charge until further notice.

Automatic rotation

Images taken by some cameras carry the orientation property. Automatic rotation is applicable to only images that carry the orientation property. After you enable the automatic rotation feature, DCDN automatically rotates these images to a proper orientation.
Notice After you enable automatic conversion to WebP, the cache hit ratio decreases. It automatically increases after a short period of time. Do not enable this feature during peak hours.

Set the action to auto-orient.


Manual rotation

Images can be rotated to a specific angle clockwise. Supported angles are 90°, 180°, and 270°.

Set the action to rotate.