Data Lake Analytics (DLA) is a serverless cloud-native interactive search and analytics service. It allows you to use the Presto and Spark engines to analyze data from a variety of data sources. Quick Start helps you understand the basic procedure of using DLA and provides guidance for you to activate DLA, build a data lake, and use the Presto and Spark engines to analyze and compute data.

If you use DLA for the first time, we recommend that you read the following references first:
  • Product Introduction: This document describes the concepts, benefits, and scenarios of DLA.
  • Pricing: This document describes the pricing and billing methods of DLA.
  1. Activate DLA.
  2. Optional:Create a virtual cluster. DLA CU Edition is suitable for scenarios in which large amounts of data is frequently queried. It also helps you determine the costs of using DLA. We recommend that you use DLA CU Edition to analyze and compute data.
    Note If you use the default edition to analyze and compute data, skip this step. The default edition uses the billing method based on the number of bytes scanned. For more information about the differences between the default edition and DLA CU Edition, see Differences between pay-per-byte and pay-per-CU.
  3. Build a data lake. You can use one of the following methods to build a data lake:
  4. Analyze and compute data. You can use the serverless Presto or Spark engine to analyze and compute data. For more information, see Serverless Presto and Serverless Spark.
  5. Implement data applications. You can use DataWorks or Data Management (DMS) to schedule DLA Presto and Spark tasks, and display the query and analysis results of OSS data as business intelligence (BI) reports. For more information, see Create Quick BI visualized reports.