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Turn on inspect mode of UC SDK

Last Updated: Jun 01, 2021

The UC kernel in the mPaaS baseline and later version no longer supports the inspect mode. If you need to debug in the inspect mode during development, you must add the debugging package for UC kernels.

Turn on the inspect mode

  1. Download the corresponding .so file of UC kernel debugging package.
  2. Copy the corresponding .so file of the UC kernel debugging package to /sdcard/slm directory, and the full path of the file is /sdcard/slm/
  • The path and the name of the file must be consistent.
  • Make sure to copy the .so file of the corresponding CPU architecture.
  • The read permission of the SD card must be enabled.
  • This mode is only available for debugging packages.
  • After inspect mode is successfully turned on, the content in /sdcard/slm will be cut into the internal storage of the app, so when you wipe data and cache of the app or uninstall the app, you need to copy the .so file of the UC kernel debugging package to /sdcard/slm again.

UC kernel debugging package version

UC kernel debugging package version: