You can call AddScalingConfigItemV2 operation to add a scaling configuration item.


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Request parameters

Parameter Type Required Example Description
Action String Yes AddScalingConfigItemV2

The operation that you want to perform. Set the value to AddScalingConfigItemV2.

ConfigItemInformation String Yes { "ruleName": "Triggered by Load", "adjustmentType": "QUANTITYCHANGEINCAPACITY", "coolDownTime": 100, "ruleParam": { "metricName": "YarnFreeCores", "period": 10, "statistics": "xxx", "comparisonOperator": "\u003e\u003d", "threshold": 10, "evaluationCount": 1 }, "adjustmentValue": 1, "ruleType": "BYLOAD", "configItemType": "SCALING_RULE" }

configuration items information. Information varies with configuration items type. Valid values:

    • Triggered by load. This field returns an example: { "ruleName": "Triggered by Load", "adjustmentType": "QUANTITY_CHANGE_IN_CAPACITY", "coolDownTime": 100, "ruleParam": { "metricName": "YarnFreeCores", "period": 10, "statistics": "xxx", "comparisonOperator": "\u003e\u003d", "threshold": 10, "evaluationCount": 1 }, "adjustmentValue": 1, "ruleType": "BY_LOAD", "configItemType": "SCALING_RULE" }
    • Scheduled scheduling. The following example is returned for this field: { "ruleName": "Scheduled Scheduling", "adjustmentType": "QUANTITY_CHANGE_IN_CAPACITY", "coolDownTime": 100, "ruleParam": { "recurrenceType": "Daily", "recurrenceValue": "1", "recurrenceEndTime": "2020-07-22T03:01Z", "launchTime": "2020-07-22T03:07Z", "launchExpirationTime": 0 }, "adjustmentValue": 1, "ruleType": "SCHEDULED", "configItemType": "SCALING_RULE" }
    • Fixed-point execution. The following example is returned for this field: { "ruleName": "fixed-point execution", "adjustmentType": "QUANTITY_CHANGE_IN_CAPACITY", "coolDownTime": 100, "ruleParam": { "launchTime": "2020-07-22T03:09Z", "launchExpirationTime": 1 }, "adjustmentValue": 1, "ruleType": "BY_TIME_ONCE", "configItemType": "SCALING_RULE" }
  • SCALING_STRATEGY: { "spotStrategy": "NoSpot", "spotPriceLimits": 0.01, "instanceTypeList": [], "sysDiskCategory": "cloud_essd", "sysDiskSize": { "value": 40.0, "unit": "GIGABYTE" }, "dataDiskCategory": "cloud_essd", "dataDiskSize": { "value": 40.0, "unit": "GIGABYTE" }, "dataDiskCount": 4, "scalingMaxSize": 1, "scalingMinSize": 1, "defaultCoolDownTime": 0, "scalingTimeoutPolice": { "timeoutPolicy": "ROLLBACK" }, "privatePoolOptionsMatchCriteria": "Target", "privatePoolOptionsId": "crp-bp1e4wcvoucrish5vph7", "nodeOfflineMode": "NORMAL", "nodeOfflineModeParam": { "timeoutMs": 0 }, "triggerMode": "Scheduled", "multiAvailablePolicy": "PRIORITY", "multiAvailablePolicyParam": { "onDemandBaseCapacity": 0, "onDemandPercentageAboveBaseCapacity": 0, "spotInstanceRemedy": 0, "spotInstance": false }, "configItemType": "SCALING_STRATEGY" }
ConfigItemType String Yes SCALING_RULE

The type of the configuration parameters. Valid values:

  • SCALING_RULE: scaling rule
  • SCALING_STRATEGY: Scaling Policies
RegionId String Yes cn-hangzhou

The region ID of the instance. You can call DescribeRegions You can call this operation to view the latest list of Alibaba Cloud regions.

ScalingGroupBizId String Yes SGB-A4521231C****

The ID of the scaling group. You can call ListScalingGroupV2 View the ID of the scaling group.

ResourceGroupId String No rg-acfmv6jutt6****

The ID of the resource group. You can call ListResourceGroups View the ID of the resource group.

Response parameters

Parameter Type Example Description
Data String SRB-DA382429BA82****

The ID of the new configuration items.

RequestId String 6C96FD2C-95A0-4C03-8A19-7D84A4BAAA1E

The ID of the request.


Sample requests

&ConfigItemInformation={ "ruleName": "Trigger by payload", "adjustmentType": "QUANTITYCHANGEINCAPACITY", "coolDownTime": 100, "ruleParam": { "metricName": "YarnFreeCores", "period": 10, "statistics": "xxx", "comparisonOperator": "\u003e\u003d", "threshold": 10, "evaluationCount": 1 }, " adjustmentValue ": 1, " ruleType ": " BYLOAD ", " configItemType ": " SCALING_RULE " } 
&<common request parameters> 

Sample success responses

XML format


JSON Syntax