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Adapt to Android 11

Last Updated: Oct 12, 2021


Google has officially released Android 11 on September 9, 2020, and mPaaS has been adapted on the 10.1.68 baseline.

Prior to the mPaaS adaptation, the mPaaS SDK was affected on Android 11 devices that the HTML5 container could not launch the UC kernel.

Important: As the base library, mPaas has been adapted for Android 11 for the current version and later versions.

Upgrade the SDK or components

Use the mPaaS plug-in to upgrade the mPaaS SDK or components.

  • If the baseline version used is already 10.1.68, simply upgrade to the latest version. See 10.1.68 release notes.
  • If you are using baseline version 10.1.60 or earlier versions, upgrade to 10.1.68 and update to the latest version. There are no plans to adapt Android 11 to mPaaS 10.1.60 and earlier versions at this time.

Handle custom libraries

The components in version 10.1.68 incorporate customization requirements. However, if your dependencies include custom libraries, you must take the following actions to handle them accordingly for security reasons.

  • If you upgraded the SDK from an earlier version (for example, 10.1.60) to 10.1.32, you may need to customize custom libraries again based on the new version. To do this, submit a ticket or contact mPaaS technical support personnel for confirmation.
  • If the SDK version is 10.1.68, only a part of the components need to be updated. See the following Adaptable library list for Android 11 updates to check if your custom library is included.
    • If no, you can continue to use these custom libraries.
    • If yes, you may need to customize them again. To do this, submit a ticket or contact mPaaS technical support personnel.

Adaptable library list for Android 11 updates

  • nebulaappproxy
  • nebulauc