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Use the RTS feature

Last Updated: Dec 07, 2021

This topic describes how to configure and use Real-Time Streaming (RTS).

Comparison video

RTS provides instant playback, low latency, high concurrency, and high smoothness even if the network quality is poor. It integrates live streaming with real-time data and accelerates technological upgrades in the live streaming industry.

Ingest streams by using Open Broadcaster Software (OBS)


  • ApsaraVideo Live is activated. Ingest domains, pull-stream domains, and RTS are enabled.

Configure an ingest URL:

You must split the authenticated ingest URL into two parts and enter them respectively to the URL and Stream Key fields.

  • URL: Enter the address in front of AppName, including AppName.

  • Stream Key: Enter the address behind StreamName, including StreamName.

Take rtmp:// auth_key=1543302081-0-0-9c6e7c8190c10bdfb3c0**** as an example. The URL is rtmp:// Stream key is stream? auth_key=1543302081-0-0-9c6e7c8190c10bdfb3c0************.



In this example, the ingest URL consists of an ingest domain, application name, stream name, and access token. Replace them based on your business scenario.

To ensure low latency:

We recommend that you set a keyframe interval of less than 3 seconds, set profile to baseline, and select "Dynamically change bitrate to manage conjestion".


View streams by using mobile clients

  1. Download and install RtsDemo. For more information, see Demo experience.

  2. Open the RtsDemo. Scan a QR code or enter the URL. Click Start to view streams.


You must use a streaming domain that has enabled RTS. The URL of the domain must start with artc.

View streams by using HTML5 Aliplayer

  1. Click Aliplayer to open the Aliplayer console.

  2. Click the Basic tab on the Online Settings page.

  3. Set Video Type to Broadcast. Enter a streaming domain URL that starts with artc in the URL field.

  4. Click the Preview tab to view streams.


    A stream pulling HTTPS URL must be forwarded by using the HTTPS URL demo. Otherwise, HTTPS cannot load HTTP resources. Similarly, a stream pulling HTTP URL must be forwarded by using the HTTP URL demo.