You cannot set global parameters for a specific instance. When you set global parameters, make sure that no instance is running. You cannot set these parameters when you call the open function or close function. For information about how to configure the message callback function and log callback function, click Download SDK to view the rtpdec.c file in the RTS SDK for a mobile client.

 __rts_funcs->preconfig("LogCallback", addr_to_string(output_log, buf));
 __rts_funcs->preconfig("LogCbParam", addr_to_string(s, buf));
 __rts_funcs->preconfig("MessageCallback", addr_to_string(format_control_message, buf));
 __rts_funcs->preconfig("MessageCbParam", addr_to_string(s, buf));
 __rts_funcs->open(...) ;
 // Do not call the preconfig function during this period.
 __rts_funcs->close(...) ;

 // The preconfig function can be called.