This function is displayed as a function pointer in rts_glue_funcs when you view the parameters of RTS SDK.

long long (* ioctl)(
    void *handle,
    const char *cmd,
    void *arg


Parameter Description
handle The handle that is returned when the open function is called.
cmd The command that is sent.
arg The parameters of the sent command. If the command does not contain parameters, this parameter is set to NULL.


Command Parameter Description
get_stream_info The variable address of rts_worker_demux_info. This parameter cannot be set to NULL. Obtains the stream information from RTS SDK and stores the information in the corresponding rts_worker_demux_info variable of the arg parameter.
reload NULL Notifies RTS SDK to reconnect.

Response parameters

If 0 is returned, the call is successful. If not, the call fails.