This topic describes the advanced settings, such as how to access cloud services and configure route maps that allow you to dynamically manage private networks.

Cloud Enterprise Network (CEN) supports the following advanced settings:
  • Access cloud services

    Virtual border routers (VBRs) and cloud connect networks (CCNs) that are attached to a CEN instance can access cloud services. These cloud services must be deployed in virtual private clouds (VPCs) that are attached to the same CEN instance. For more information, see Enable access to cloud services.

  • PrivateZone

    Network instances attached to CEN can use the PrivateZone service. For more information, see Configure PrivateZone.

  • Route maps

    You can configure route maps to filter and modify routes. This allows you to customize how network instances communicate with each other. For more information, see Overview.

  • High availability

    You can configure health checks and integrate CEN with other services, such as leased lines and VPN gateways. This allows you to build a highly available network architecture for hybrid clouds.