Cloud Storage Gateway (CSG) V2.0 is a gateway service that you can deploy on Alibaba Cloud. The elastic gateway feature is available in CSG V2.0. CSG V2.0 allows you to use Network File System (NFS) clients to mount gateway nodes. CSG V2.0 also allows you to access OSS or NAS data that is virtualized in the same namespace by using standard POSIX APIs.


CSG V2.0 uses a distributed architecture that provides symmetric active-active data access and high-performance read/write capabilities. CSG V2.0 allows you to integrate multiple data sources into a unified namespace. This way, you can manage data in an efficient manner. The architecture also allows you to scale up bandwidth and capacity in real time. You can configure and purchase resources based on your business requirements. CSG V2.0 provides a high-performance distributed cache based on the ESSDs and uses OSS as backend storage. This architecture ensures data reliability of up to 99.9999999999% (twelve 9s). You can use CSG V2.0 to integrate different data sources into a virtualized file system. You can access the virtualized file system by using a unified API that is provided by CSG V2.0.

Architecture of CSG V2.0