Queries the configuration details of Log Service for an application.


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Request headers

This operation uses only the common request header. For more information, see Common request parameters.

Request syntax

GET /pop/v5/k8s/sls/query_sls_log_store_list HTTPS|HTTP

Request parameters

Parameter Type Required Example Description
AppId String Yes af58edcf-f7eb-****-****-db4e425f****

The ID of the application.

Type String Yes file

The type of data that Log Service collects. Valid values:

  • file: the file type
  • stdout: the standard output type
PageSize Integer No 1000

The number of entries to return on each page.

CurrentPage Integer No 0

The number of the page to return.

Response parameters

Parameter Type Example Description
Code Integer 200

The HTTP status code.

Message String success

The returned message.

RequestId String d6834ee9-5045-*************

The ID of the request.

Result Array

The configurations of Log Service for the application.

ConsumerSide String Log Service

The used logging service.

CreateTime String 2020-05-18 22:08:46

The time when the log source was created.

Link String https://sls.console.aliyun.com/lognext/project/k8s-log-c846f28edbd1d4c6aa9d78c0e********/logsearch/thisisiss

The URL of the logging service.

Logstore String thisisatestlogstore

The name of the Logstore.

Project String k8s-log-c846f28edbd1d4c6aa9d78c0e********

The name of the project.

Source String /var/log/*

The log source. Valid values:

  • Standard output: stdout.log
  • File type: the log directory that stores logs
TotalSize Integer 1

The number of log sources configured for the application.


Sample requests

GET /pop/v5/k8s/sls/query_sls_log_store_list HTTP/1.1
Common request header
"AppId": "af58edcf-f7eb-****-****-db4e425f****",
"Type": "file"

Sample success responses

XML format

    <consumerSide>Log Service</consumerSide>
    <createTime>2020-05-18 22:08:46</createTime>

JSON format

	"code": 200,
	"message": "success",
	"result": [{
		"consumerSide": "Log Service",
		"createTime": "2020-05-18 22:08:46",
		"link": "https://sls.console.aliyun.com/lognext/project/k8s-log-c846f28edbd1d4c6aa9d78c0e********/logsearch/thisisiss",
		"logstore": "thisisatestlogstore",
		"project": "k8s-log-c846f28edbd1d4c6aa9d78c0e********",
		"source": "/var/log/*"
	"totalSize": 1

Error codes

For a list of error codes, visit the API Error Center.