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Solve conflict with dependency on utdid

Last Updated: Mar 10, 2021

Conflict description

If you are using mPaaS along with the Alibaba SDKs, you may experience utdid conflicts. In such a case, please refer to the following solutions.


Remove the mPaaS utdid library and use the utdid provided by other Alibaba SDKs.


  1. Confirm the version of the utdid SDK used by mPaaS so that you can select the same or a similarly reviewed version.

    1. ''
  2. Get the group:artifact information for the utdid SDK used by mPaaS.

    1. ''
  3. Remove mPaaS utdid SDK.

    • AAR method

      1. configurations {
      2. all*.exclude group:'', module: 'utdid-build'
      3. }
    • mPaaS Inside and Portal & Bundle

      1. mpaascomponents {
      2. excludeDependencies = [
      3. ""
      4. ]
      5. }
  4. Add the API package.

    • Basilines and lower
      If you are using the utdid-related API, download the JAR package, and import (compile/implementation) to the project for compilation.

    • Baseline and later versions
      No action is required.