This topic explains why a Smart Access Gateway (SAG) device is disconnected from Alibaba Cloud and provides solutions.


Log on to the SAG console, the status of an SAG device is Disconnected.


  • The SAG device is faulty.
  • The SAG device fails to connect to Alibaba Cloud.


  1. Ping other public websites through the current Internet service provider (ISP) network to check whether the ISP network is functioning.
    • If the ISP network is abnormal, contact the ISP.
    • If the ISP network is working as expected, go to step 2.
  2. Check whether the SAG device is powered on.
    • Check whether the PWR indicator is green.
    • Check whether the green light of the connected port is on.
  3. Log on to the switch console to view the connectivity between the SAG device and switch.
    • If static routing is configured in the SAG device and the switch, ping the IP address of each port of the SAG device through the switch. If you cannot ping the IP address of a port, see Handle connection failures between an SAG device and a switch to solve port interconnection issues.
    • If the SAG device is not connected to a switch, check whether the second and third indicators on the right of the SAG device are yellow or continuously blinking.
      • If the second indicator is yellow or continuously blinking, the SAG device is faulty. Submit a ticket.
      • If the third indicator is yellow or continuously blinking, the VPN tunnel between the SAG device and Alibaba Cloud is unavailable. Submit a ticket.

      For more information about indicators, see View device indicators.

  4. The software of the SAG device may be faulty. Restart the SAG device or submit a ticket.