Restarting a Smart Access Gateway (SAG) device can solve some network faults.

Background information

Choose one of the following methods to restart an SAG device:
  • Power off the SAG device and then power it on. We recommend that you save the current configurations before you power off the SAG device.
  • Log on to the SAG console to remotely restart the SAG device.

Power off and then power on an SAG device

After you power off an SAG device, power it on.

In this case, you restart the SAG device by turning off and on the power switch.

Remote restart

To remotely restart an SAG device in the SAG console, follow these steps:

  1. Log on to the SAG console.
  2. On the Smart Access Gateway page, click the ID of the target instance.
  3. Click Device Management.
  4. Select the target SAG device that you want to restart, and click Remote Restart.
  5. In the Remote Restart dialog box that appears, click OK to restart the target SAG device.