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How to solve issues of released app by mPaaS framework

Last Updated: Apr 09, 2021

Problem description

In general, the released version of an app is basically out of the developer’s control after its release or update online. The traditional way is to fix the bug by releasing a new version, if a bug is found in the app by then. This approach, however, has obvious drawbacks such as low efficiency and poor user experience. mPaaS provides a variety of O&M tools, including: switches, HTML5 offline package releases, mini program releases and hot fixes. Hot fixes are not available for iOS at this time. These tools provide flexible solutions to fix online bugs. Developers can use these tools for the purpose of O&M, by simply accessing them correctly and configuring them appropriately.

Applicable scenario

  1. The code running path can be switched through the “switch”.
    The switch allows you to wrap code that is newly developed, or has less certain stability. In the case of online bugs, developers can close the failed code in time by the push switch of the server. The immediate effective reach can be 100% through this combined method.
  2. Release of HTML5 offline update package
    If some failures occur in offline packages, you can simply release a new version through the live release console after locating the problem. It is also a combined method that reaches users immediately.
  3. Release the updated mini program
    The mini program must be fixed before re-release, if a failure occurs in the mini program. Similar with HTML5 offline package, the mini program can reach users quickly.
  4. Hotfix
    In general, we do not recommend fixing online bugs by hotfix, unless absolutely necessary. It is a Native miscellaneous guarantee that modifies and replaces the app code with problems by the release of hotfix patch. Note that this part of the operation is risky and needs to be rigorously tested and verified before the fix package is released.