This topic describes how to migrate multi-version data from AWS Simple Storage Service (AWS S3) to Alibaba Cloud Object Storage Service (OSS).

  • During a migration job, when you read data from the source data address, this produces an expense incurred by outbound traffic. You are charged by the storage service provider of the source data address.
  • By default, Data Transport does not support cross-country data migration. For example, you cannot migrate data from a data address that is located in China (Beijing) to a data address that is located in US (Silicon Valley). If you have similar requirements, you must open a ticket before creating a migration job. You must apply for permission to create a cross-country migration job. You must ensure that your business is legitimate, data does not include illegal information, and data transit conforms to local rules and regulations.
  • Alibaba Cloud OSS supports the data migration of multiple versions only in some regions. When you migrate data of multiple versions from AWS S3 to Alibaba Cloud OSS, make sure that the migration is supported in the region where the selected bucket is deployed.

This guide includes the following topics: