When an alert rule is triggered, notifications are sent to the specified contact group. Before you create a contact group, you must create a contact. When you create a contact, you can specify the mobile phone number and email address of the contact to receive notifications. You can also provide a DingTalk chatbot webhook URL that is used to automatically send alert notifications.


Before you add a DingTalk chatbot as a contact, make sure that the webhook URL of the DingTalk chatbot is obtained. For more information, see .


  1. On the Contact page, click the Contact tab. On the Contact tab, click Create a contact in the upper-right corner.
  2. In the Create a contact dialog box, set the parameters as required.
    • To create a contact, set the Name, Mobile phone number, and Mailbox parameters.
      Note The phone number and email address cannot be left blank at the same time. Each phone number or email address can be used for only one contact. You can create a maximum of 100 contacts.
    • To add a DingTalk chatbot, enter the name and webhook URL of the DingTalk chatbot.
      Note For more information about how to obtain the webhook URL of a DingTalk chatbot, see .

What to do next

  • To search for contacts, click the Contact tab, On the Contact tab, select Name, Cell phone number, or Email from the drop-down list. Then, then enter the entire or a part of the name, phone number, or email address in the search box, and click the search icon.
  • To edit contact information, find the contact whose information you want to edit, and click Editing in the Operation column. In the Edit contacts dialog box, edit the information and click OK.
  • To delete a contact, find the contact that you want to delete, and click Delete in the Operation column. In the Delete message, click OK.
  • To delete multiple contacts at a time, select the contacts that you want to delete, and click Batch delete . In the message that appears, click OK.