On the Alert Policies page, you can manage all the alert rules within your Alibaba Cloud account and query the history of alert events and alert notifications.

Manage alert rules

  1. Optional: On the alarm rules and history page, enter an alarm name in the search box, and click search .
    Alarm History
  2. In the search results list of operation column, on-demand target alarm rule to take the following actions:
    • To edit an alarm rule, click edit . In the edit alarm dialog box, edit the alarm rule and click save .
    • To delete an alarm rule, click delete . In the delete dialog box, click delete .
    • To start a stopped alert rule, click start . In the start dialog box, click start .
    • To stop the started alarm rule, click stop . In the stop dialog box, click OK .
    • To view the alert event history and alert sending history, click alert history . You can view the alert event history and alert sending History tabs.

Query the alert history

You can search for alarm history on the alarm history page, such as the time when an alarm rule is triggered and the alarm notifications sent to specific alarm contacts after the alarm rule is triggered.

  1. In the left-side navigation pane, choose Notification alarm > Alert policy management .
  2. On the alarm history tab, select or enter the event trigger status and alarm name , and click search .
  3. On the alert event history tab page, view the history of alert events.
    Note An alarm notification is sent only when the triggering status is triggered (red dot in the trigger column).
  4. Click the alarm sending History tab to view the records of alarm notifications (by SMS, email, or other means) that have triggered alarms.