The USER_TAB_COLUMNS view provides the information about all columns in tables and views owned by the current user.

Parameter Type Description
schema_name CHARACTER VARYING The name of the schema to which the table or the view belongs.
table_name CHARACTER VARYING The name of the table or view to which the column belongs.
column_name CHARACTER VARYING The name of the column.
data_type CHARACTER VARYING The data type of the column.
data_length NUMERIC The length of the text column.
data_precision NUMERIC The precision of the NUMBER column. The precision is measured with the number of digits.
data_scale NUMERIC The scale of the NUMBER column.
nullable CHARACTER(1) Specifies whether the column is nullable or not. Valid values:
  • Y: The column is nullable.
  • N: The column cannot be null.
column_id NUMERIC The relative position of the column within the table.
data_default CHARACTER VARYING The default value that is assigned to the column.