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Pricing overview

Last Updated: Sep 24, 2021

This article introduces you to the billing rules and prices of various products on Mobile PaaS (mPaaS for short).

Billing mode

The products of mPaaS are billed according to the usage and adopt a post-paid billing mode. The post-paid mode refers to a mode using the service first and charging according to usage at the end of the billing cycle. After the service is activated, this mode is adopted by default.

Billing rules

In the post-paid mode, the tiered pricing method is adopted according to the usage of the billing items. The system will reset the usage to 0 on 1st of each month, re-accumulate the usage, and charge according to the tiered pricing method. mPaaS offers free quota that allows you to get started at no cost. As the first tier in the tiered pricing method, the free quota will be used first when billing.

Billing example

A user has 87,000 pieces of data synchronization messages delivered in a month. According to the Post-paid mode, there is a free quota of 10,000 data synchronization messages. When the amount of data synchronization messages falls into the range of 10,000-100,000 pieces, the price is US$0.96 per 10,000 pieces, then the user’s total cost incurred in the month is (87,000-10,000) x US$0.96/ 10,000 = US$7.39.

Billing cycle

The system takes the day as the billing cycle, and the bill is updated once a day to inform users of the new charges in the last billing cycle (T+3).

Service price

For the detailed price of each service, refer to the documents as follows.

Arrears description

After each billing period is finished, a bill will be issued to the user. In the Personal Center of the console, you can view the current bill. Please pay the bill as soon as possible after receiving the bill, otherwise there will be a risk of downtime.