Data Security Center (DSC) supports the subscription billing method.

Billing method


Billing cycle

A billing cycle runs from the day when you activate the DSC service to the day when the service expires.

Calculation method

The subscription fee for a billable item is calculated based on the following formula: Unit price of the billable item × Subscription period.

Enterprise Edition helps you meet the requirements specified in MLPS 2.0 Level 3. Enterprise Edition provides the following features:
  • Sensitive data detection
  • Cloud-native data audit
  • Data leak prevention
  • Data de-identification
  • Digital watermarks

For more information about billable items, see the "Pricing" section of this topic.


Billable item Specifications Enterprise Edition
Database 1 to 20 instances USD 400 per instance per month
21 to 50 instances USD 300 per instance per month
51 to 100 instances USD 250 per instance per month
More than 100 instances USD 200 per instance per month
MaxCompute 1 to 20 projects USD 400 per project per month
21 to 50 projects USD 300 per project per month
51 to 100 projects USD 250 per project per month
More than 100 projects USD 200 per project per month
OSS storage capacity 1,000 GB to 10,000 GB USD 0.2 per GB per month
10,001 GB to 100,000 GB USD 0.15 per GB per month
100,001 GB to 500,000 GB USD 0.12 per GB per month
More than 500,000 GB USD 0.1 per GB per month
Note If you purchase database instances and OSS storage buckets for more than one year, you can enjoy a discount. For more information, visit the Product page.

Seven-day free trial

DSC provides a seven-day free trial. You can click Free Trial on the DSC product page to activate the seven-day free trial of DSC.

  • Each Alibaba Cloud account can apply for the seven-day free trial of Enterprise Edition only once. The free trial includes all the features of Enterprise Edition. When you apply for the free trial, you must log on to the Alibaba Cloud International site ( by using your Alibaba Cloud account.
  • By default, the free trial provides five databases and 1,000 GB of OSS storage capacity for you. If the specifications provided by the free trial cannot meet your business requirements, you can purchase a seven-day trial and select higher specifications for DSC as required.