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Create new project on the client

Last Updated: Mar 10, 2021

About this task

This topic describes how to create a local app, compile and package the app, and then obtain an executable .apk package in Windows-based development environments.


First you need to:

  1. Configure a development environment
  2. Create an mPaaS app in the console.
  3. Make sure that the version of your SDK is 10.1.60-beta or later.


The creation procedure is as follows:

  1. In Android Studio, choose File > New > Start a New mPaaS Project.start a new mpaas project
  2. In the Create New mPaaS Project dialog box, select mPaaS Inside and click Next.Select mPaaS Inside
  3. In the dialog box that appears, enter the Project name and Package name. From the Configuration file path drop-down list, select the configuration file .config that you downloaded by choosing Manage codes > Code configuration in the console. After you set the Project file path to the desired directory for the project, click Next.

    Note: You can click Obtain Config File next to Select Config File (JSON) to go to the mPaaS console and download the configuration file.
  4. Select an mPaaS SDK version, and check your desired module dependency. Click the Finish button.

    • Please check module dependency as required. For more information about dependencies, refer to the document of each component.
    • You can select only the required dependency for the framework. After creating an app, use the mPaaS Plug-in > Component Management function to add you desired dependency.

Follow-up steps

You can access and use mPaaS components by referring to the access document of each component.