This topic describes the updates for each release of HTTP client SDK for C++ and lists the release date, version, and download link of each release. The information helps you choose an appropriate version of SDK for C++ to send and subscribe to messages based on your business needs.


Release date Version Download link
2021-01-05 1.0.3

New features

  • Ordered messages are supported.


Release date Version Download link
2019-06-10 1.0.1

New features

  • Featured messages that include scheduled messages, delayed messages, and transactional messages are supported. Ordered messages are not supported.
  • Message traces can be queried based on message IDs.
  • Message attributes are supported.


Release date Version Download link
2019-01-23 1.0.0

New features

  • This is the initial release.
  • Featured messages are not supported. Featured messages include ordered messages, transactional messages, scheduled messages, and delayed messages.
  • The clustering consumption mode is supported, whereas the broadcasting consumption mode is not supported.
  • Message traces cannot be queried.