This topic describes how to call an operation to stop video stream moderation tasks. It intends to help you construct an HTTP call request.

Operation description

Operation: /green/video/cancelscan. After you submit asynchronous video stream moderation tasks, you can call this operation at any time to stop the video stream moderation tasks that are in progress. You can call this operation to stop moderating only video streams, but not videos.

You can call this operation to stop moderation tasks that are in progress. For more information about how to construct an HTTP request, see Request structure. You can also select an existing HTTP request. For more information, see SDK overview.

Billing method: This operation is free of charge.

QPS limit

You can send up to 50 requests per second to call this operation by using your Alibaba Cloud account. If you send an excessive number of requests, throttling is implemented, and your business may be affected.

Request parameters

For more information about the common request parameters that must be included in all Content Moderation API requests, see Common parameters.

The request body is a JSON structure. The following table describes the parameters that are contained in the request body.

Parameter Type Required Example Description
body JSONArray Yes ["taskId1","taskId2"] The list of IDs of moderation tasks you want to stop. You can specify up to 100 task IDs.

Response parameters

The data parameter in the response body is a JSON array. The following table describes the parameters that are contained in each element of the JSON array.

Parameter Type Example Description
code Integer 200 The returned HTTP status code.

For more information, see Common HTTP status codes.

msg String OK The message that is returned for the request.
dataId String dataId1 The ID of the moderated video, which you specify in the dataId parameter of the moderation request.
taskId String taskId1 The ID of the moderation task, which is returned by the Content Moderation server to uniquely identify the moderation task.


Sample requests
Sample success responses