IoT Platform supports the monitoring of the network status. A device that accesses the network through Wi-Fi can report the network status to IoT Platform through a specified topic. On the Real-time Monitoring page of the console, you can select the Device Network Status tab to view the Wi-Fi signal quality of the device.

Background information

For more information about the topic, data format, and errors of device network status messages, see Device network status.

If your devices use AliOS Things 3.0 or later, the system automatically monitors and reports network status data. For more information about network errors, see the err_stats table in Device network status.


  1. Log on to the IoT Platform console.
  2. On the left-side navigation pane, choose Maintenance > Real-time Monitoring.
  3. On the Real-time Monitoring page, select Device Network Status.
  4. Select a device and a time range.
    The network status data of the selected device and time range is displayed.
    Table 1. Descriptions of the device network status
    Field Description
    Reported At The time when IoT Platform received the network status data.
    Collected At The time when the device collected the network status data.
    Note The device immediately reports the network status data to IoT Platform after it encounters a network error or when it collects data at a scheduled time. For other scenarios, the device may not immediately report the network data.

    If the device does not report a timestamp, no time is displayed.

    RSSI (dBm) The received signal strength.
    SNR (dB) The signal-to-noise ratio of the wireless signal.
    Wireless Signal Packet Loss Ratio (‰) The data packet loss rate.
    Network Connection Method Currently, only Wi-Fi is supported.
    Error Description Click View Details to view errors and the number of such errors.
    Note The View Details button is only visible when the device reports network errors.

    For more information, see Device network status.