Alibaba Cloud CDN provides a wide array of features that you can use to manage domain names added to Alibaba Cloud CDN. You can use these features to monitor domain names, query monitoring data, refresh and prefetch resources, manage logs, query IP addresses, manage SLS certificates, enable protection, and manage resource quotas.

Note To help you understand and obtain up-to-date information about Alibaba Cloud CDN, operations that you can perform in the console are classified into domain management features and service management features.

The following table describes the service management features.

Feature References Description
Monitoring and usage analytics Resource monitoring Allows you to query information about domain names accelerated by Alibaba Cloud CDN so that you can monitor the performance of Alibaba Cloud CDN. The information includes network traffic, bandwidth, back-to-origin network traffic, back-to-origin bandwidth, the number of requests, the number of queries per second, cache hit ratios, HTTP status codes, and HTTP status codes returned to requests that are redirected to the origin servers.
Real-time Monitoring Allows you to query basic information about your accelerated domain names, back-to-origin network traffic, and the acceleration performance in real time. The basic information about accelerated domain names includes bandwidth, network traffic, the number of requests, and the number of queries per second. Allows you to detect anomalies in network traffic and locate errors at the earliest opportunity.
Query resource usage information Allows you to query statistics such as network traffic, bandwidth, requests, and real-log entries in regions outside or inside the Chinese mainland, and check the billable items and metering data of Alibaba Cloud CDN.
EdgeScript monitoring Allows you to query the execution status of scripts for a specified accelerated domain name. You can check whether scripts are executed at the edges as expected.
Refresh and prefetch Refresh and prefetch resources The refresh feature removes resources from edge nodes and enables edge nodes to redirect requests to origin servers. The prefetch feature prefetches resources from origin servers to edge nodes during off-peak hours and accelerates content delivery.
Log management Download log data Allows you to query and download log data of specified domain names within specified time periods.
Manage the SLR for log storage When you enable the log storage feature of Alibaba Cloud CDN, the system automatically creates the service-linked role (SLR) AliyunServiceRoleForCDNLogDelivery. Alibaba Cloud CDN can assume this SLR to access resources in Object Storage Service (OSS) and Data Lake Analytics (DLA).
Log storage Enables Alibaba Cloud CDN to automatically persist logs in a specified OSS bucket. In addition, you can use DLA to analyze the logs.
Grant a RAM user permissions on log storage Authorizes Resource Access Management (RAM) users to activate or manage the log storage feature. In addition, you can attach permission policies to RAM users to implement fine-grained permission control.
Enable log storage (Function Compute)
Customize an operations report template and create a tracking task Allows you to query offline analysis data of accelerated domain names in specified time periods. You can learn about the status of accelerated domain names and your business based on the analysis data.
IP tool Query IP addresses Allows you to query whether an IP address belongs to an edge node, and the region and Internet service provider (ISP) to which an IP address belongs.
SSL Certificates Service Configure an SSL certificate for multiple domain names SSL certificates are used to encrypt data transmission between clients and servers. This enables secure and efficient retrieval of resources from origin servers.
Query SSL certificates of domain names Allows you to query SSL certificates configured for your domain names, and check the status of the certificates.
Create a CSR Allows you to make certificate signing requests (CSRs) to apply for SSL certificates from certificate authorities (CAs).
CSR country codes Allows you to query the CSR country or region code for your organization.
Security Prevent high bills Protects domain names from attacks and flooding. This can prevent high bills caused by spikes in data transfer or bandwidth usage.
Introduction to sandboxes Provides causes of sandboxed domain names and relevant solutions.
RAM user permission management Manage Alibaba Cloud CDN as a RAM user Allows you to use RAM users to manage domain names by group. You can grant RAM users permissions on different API operations as needed to regulate access control.
Authorize a RAM user to prefetch and refresh resources Allows you to grant RAM users permissions on the refresh or prefetch operation by attaching system or custom permission policies to the RAM users.
Revoke the permissions that allow a RAM user to change the metering method Allows you to use custom permission policies to forbid RAM users from changing the metering method of Alibaba Cloud CDN.