Alibaba Cloud Content Delivery Network (CDN) supports monitoring and allows you to query monitoring data. The monitoring feature supports the following functions: resource monitoring, real-time monitoring, statistical analytics, resource usage monitoring, and EdgeScript (ES) monitoring. These functions monitor different metrics and allow you to query monitoring data, such as network traffic, bandwidth usage, and resource usage in different billable regions. This helps you make informed business decisions.

The following table describes the monitoring and analytics functions.
Function Description
Resource monitoring Allows you to query information about domain names accelerated by Alibaba Cloud CDN so that you can monitor the performance of Alibaba Cloud CDN. The information includes network traffic, bandwidth, back-to-origin network traffic, back-to-origin bandwidth, the number of requests, the number of queries per second, cache hit ratios, HTTP status codes, and HTTP status codes returned to requests that are redirected to the origin servers.
Real-time Monitoring Allows you to query basic information about your accelerated domain names, back-to-origin network traffic, and the acceleration performance in real time. The basic information about accelerated domain names includes bandwidth, network traffic, the number of requests, and the number of queries per second. This helps you detect anomalies in network traffic and locate errors at the earliest opportunity.
Query resource usage information Allows you to query resource usage and billing details about Alibaba Cloud CDN resources in mainland China or in other billable regions. You can query network traffic, bandwidth values, the number of requests, and the number of log entries that are delivered to a specified location in real time. You can export billing details about all billable items by day or by month, and resource usage details that are collected every 5 minutes about accelerated domain names in each billable region. These details help you monitor the billable items and resource usage of Alibaba Cloud CDN.
EdgeScript monitoring Allows you to query the execution status of scripts for a specified accelerated domain name. You can check whether scripts are executed at the edges as expected.