This topic lists the API operations that Web+ provides.


Operation Description
CreateApplication Creates an application.
DeleteApplication Deletes an application.
DescribeApplications Queries applications.
UpdateApplication Updates an application.


Operation Description
CreateStorage Creates a bucket.
DescribeStorage Queries buckets.

Technology stack

Operation Description
DescribeCategories Queries platform types.
DescribeStacks Queries technology stacks.

Deployment package version

Operation Description
DeletePkgVersion Deletes a deployment package version.
DescribePkgVersions Queries deployment package versions.
CreatePkgVersion Creates a deployment package version.

Deployment environment

Operation Description
CreateAppEnv Creates a deployment environment.
DeleteAppEnv Deletes a deployment environment.
DescribeAppEnvStatus Queries the status of a deployment environment.
DescribeAppEnvs Queries deployment environments based on specified conditions.
UpdateAppEnv Updates a deployment environment.
TerminateAppEnv Terminates a deployment environment.
StopAppEnv Stops a deployment environment.
DescribeAppEnvInstanceHealth Queries the health statuses of all ECS instances in a deployment environment.
StartAppEnv Starts a deployment environment.
RestartAppEnv Restarts a deployment environment.
DescribeInstanceHealth Queries the health status of an ECS instance.
RebuildAppEnv Rebuilds a deployment environment.
GatherAppEnvLog Collects logs of specified ECS instances in a deployment environment.
GatherAppEnvStats Collects diagnostic information about specified ECS instances in a deployment environment.
DescribeEnvResource Queries all resources in a deployment environment.
DescribeGatherLogResult Queries the change information about a change operation that collects logs.
DescribeGatherStatsResult Queries the change information about a change operation that collects diagnostic information.

Configuration template

Operation Description
CreateConfigTemplate Creates a configuration template based on an existing deployment environment.
DeleteConfigTemplate Deletes a configuration template.
DescribeConfigTemplates Queries configuration templates.
UpdateConfigTemplate Updates a configuration template.


Operation Description
DescribeConfigSettings Queries configuration settings.
DescribeConfigOptions Queries configuration items.
DescribeConfigIndex Queries configuration indexes.
ValidateConfigSetting Validates a configuration setting.


Operation Description
AbortChange Aborts a change.
DeleteChange Deletes a change.
ResumeChange Resumes a paused change.
PauseChange Pauses an uncompleted change.
DescribeChange Queries the change information about one or all change IDs in a deployment environment.
DescribeChanges Queries all changes in one or all deployment environments.


Operation Description
DescribeEvents Queries events in a deployment environment.