On the Projects page, you can create and manage projects.

The Projects page displays all projects you have created. On this page, you can use three methods to create a project. For more information, see Project management.

You can click a project card to go to the project development page. You can also click Create Template or Manage on a project card to perform corresponding operations.

Create Template

  1. Click Create Template on a project card.
  2. In the Create Template dialog box that appears, set parameters.
    Parameter Description
    Template Name The name of the template.
    Description The brief description of the template.
    Type The type of the template.
  3. Click OK.


You can publish a project as an app. To facilitate version management, you can publish the project into different versions before publishing the app.

  1. Click Manage on a project card to go to the project management page.
  2. Click Publish New Version in the upper-right corner of the page. In the dialog box that appears, select the app for which a new version needs to be published and set parameters.
    Note Before publishing a new version, you must associate the project with a Git repo.
  3. Click Update to publish the new version.