You can call the DeleteSearchIndex operation to delete a search index created for a table.


  • The OTSClient instance is initialized. For more information, see Initialization.
  • A data table is created. Data is written to the table.
  • A search index is created for the table. For more information, see Create a search index.


 *Delete the search index.
 * @api
 * @param [] $request
 *            The request parameters, including the table name and search index name.
 * @return [] The response.
 * @throws OTSClientException The exception that is returned when a parameter error occurs or the Tablestore server returns a verification error.
 * @throws OTSServerException The exception that is returned when the Tablestore server returns an error.
 * @example "src/examples/DeleteSearchIndex.php"
public function deleteSearchIndex(array $request)


Parameter Description
table_name The name of the table.
index_name The name of the search index.


$request = array(
    'table_name' => 'php_sdk_test',
    'index_name' => 'php_sdk_test_search_index'
$response = $otsClient->deleteSearchIndex($request);