This topic describes the overdue payment, renewal, and upgrade policies of Tablestore instances.

Notice You may receive notifications if you have overdue payments. When this occurs, pay off all overdue bills to avoid instances being released. Note that your instances may be released at a system-selected time after the payment due date.
Billing method Expiration or overdue payment Renewal and upgrade

Fees are calculated on an hourly basis. When your account balance is insufficient to cover the charges of the last billing cycle, you have an overdue payment.

When an overdue payment is generated, the system sends notifications to you based on the following situations:

  • You are not affected by the service suspension if you top up your balance within 24 hours.
  • Your Tablestore is automatically suspended if you fail to pay off all overdue bills within 24 hours. However, you are still charged for the storage space resources that are used. Consequently, the overdue amount continues to increase.

    Your Tablestore is automatically started if you top up your balance to pay off all overdue bills within 15 days after Tablestore is suspended.

  • If you fail to pay off all overdue bills within 15 days, you are regarded as voluntarily discarding Tablestore. Data in your Tablestore instance may be deleted and deleted data cannot be recovered.
Pay-as-you-go instances are charged based on the service duration. You do not need to renew the instances. Instead, you need only to top up your balance in the Alibaba Cloud Management console.