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Real-device preview and debugging

Last Updated: Mar 23, 2021

Mini program IDE supports real-device preview and debugging, you can preview the actual result of the current code or debug on the mobile phone client.


  1. Click Preview or Debug in the upper-right corner of the IDE.
    • The IDE will generate a .zip package of the current code and upload it to MDS.
    • MDS automatically create a release task, and then generate and return a QR code to IDE.
      Note: In the process of generating the QR code, it is possible that the generation fails because the whitelist is not set, and the QR code cannot be generated. This problem can be solved by setting a whitelist.
  2. Use your mobile phone client to scan the QR code displayed in IDE.
    QR code
    • After scanning the QR code, the MDS will release the Mini program package.
    • The QR code is valid for 5 minutes, and a refresh button is displayed after timeout.
  3. When the mobile phone receives the Mini program package, you can start preview or debugging.

Access real-device preview and debugging

See the following documents to learn how to access real-device preview and debugging for Android and iOS Mini programs.