PolarDB-X 1.0 assumes the role of the online core database in Online Transaction Processing (OLTP), and can be used with data integration, data transmission, caching, and big data ecosystems.

Kernel architecture

PolarDB-X 1.0 consists of Distributed Relational Database Service (DRDS) instances at the compute layer and custom ApsaraDB RDS for MySQL instances at the storage layer. Horizontal partitioning is implemented based on multiple mounted ApsaraDB RDS for MySQL instances for database sharding and table sharding.

Like most traditional single-instance relational databases, PolarDB-X 1.0 is divided into the network layer, protocol layer, SQL parsing layer, optimization layer, and execution layer. The optimization layer includes logical optimization and physical optimization. The execution layer includes single-instance two-stage execution, single-instance parallel execution, and multi-instance parallel execution. A variety of traditional single-instance database optimization and execution techniques are adopted.

Deployment architecture

PolarDB-X 1.0 is deployed on Alibaba Cloud and supports the following features to ensure production security:

  • Supports virtual private clouds (VPCs), IP address whitelist, asymmetric encryption, and Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) to ensure data service security.
  • Provides dedicated high-performance physical resources, full isolation between instances, and multi-zone instances to ensure data service stability.
  • Deploys the O&M system in multiple regions and unbinds the Service Level Agreement (SLA) of core data services from O&M SLA to ensure O&M stability.