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Page configuration

Last Updated: Feb 04, 2021

You can use .json file in /pages directory to configure the window representation of the current page. Page configuration is much easier than global configuration for app.json, you can only set related configuration items of window, but do not need to write the window key. Page configuration items are prior to global configuration items.

The following are supported at the same time:

  • You can use optionMenu to configure navigation icons, click to trigger onOptionMenuClick.

    Note: optionMenu configuration will be deprecated, we recommend you to set the navigation icon by using my.setOptionMenu.
  • You can use titlePenetrate to set the click-through of the navigation bar.

The following table describes all the configuration items in the app.json file.

File Type Required Description
optionMenu Object No Base library 1.3.0 supports this configuration item, you can set additional icons for the navigation bar. Currently, you can set the value of the attribute icon to icon URL (starts with https/http) or base64 string, the recommended size is 30*30 pixels.
titlePenetrate BOOL No Client 10.1.52+ supports this configuration item, you can set click through of the navigation bar.

The following code snippet shows a basic example:

  1. {
  2. "optionMenu": {
  3. "icon": ""
  4. },
  5. "titlePenetrate": true
  6. }