The NEW_TIME function converts a date and time from one time zone to another.

This function returns a value of the data type DATE. The syntax is:

NEW_TIME(DATE, time_zone1, time_zone2)

The time_zone1 and time_zone2 parameters must be string values from the time zone column in the following table:

Time zone Offset from UTC Description
AST UTC+4 Atlantic Standard Time
ADT UTC+3 Atlantic Daylight Time
BST UTC+11 Bering Standard Time
BDT UTC+10 Bering Daylight Time
CST UTC+6 Central Standard Time
CDT UTC+5 Central Daylight Time
EST UTC+5 Eastern Standard Time
EDT UTC+4 Eastern Daylight Time
GMT UTC Greenwich Mean Time
HST UTC+10 Alaska-Hawaii Standard Time
HDT UTC+9 Alaska-Hawaii Daylight Time
MST UTC+7 Mountain Standard Time
MDT UTC+6 Mountain Daylight Time
NST UTC+3:30 Newfoundland Standard Time
PST UTC+8 Pacific Standard Time
PDT UTC+7 Pacific Daylight Time
YST UTC+9 Yukon Standard Time
YDT UTC+8 Yukon Daylight Time

The following is an example of the NEW_TIME function:

SELECT NEW_TIME(TO_DATE('08-13-07 10:35:15','MM-DD-YY HH24:MI:SS'),'AST', 'PST') "Pacific Standard Time" FROM DUAL;

Pacific Standard Time
 13-AUG-07 06:35:15
(1 row)