In most cases, Web+ configures the default start command for each technology stack type. You can customize the start command in the console or Procfile file. The start command that is specified in the Procfile file takes precedence over other start commands that are run by Web+.


If you want to use the Procfile file, you must create a file named Procfile in the directory where a deployment package resides. Then, you need to add the following code to the file and replace the command section with an actual command specific to your environment.
web: <command>
  • The content of each line in the Procfile file must conform to the following regular expression: ^[A-Za-z0-9_]+:\s*. +$.
  • Web+ identifies a command that starts with web: as the start command for applications.
  • The command must be running at the frontend. The backend service will immediately stop after the command ends.
  • The working directory of the start command is the directory where a deployment package resides.
  • The start command can only run with administrator permissions.