You can save any environment as a configuration template. Then, you can use this template to create and start an environment for the same application at any time.

  • template:list: lists all templates of the current application.
  • template:delete: deletes a specified template.
  • template:launch: creates and starts an environment for an application by using the template.
$ wpctl template:launch demo-test
[OK] Start to query configTemplate, appId:wa-5cd3f66e9bf7932a32814ce5 (1s)

Enter env name to create: demo-test-1
[OK] (1s)
create env from template(id:wct-5cd4317edc509c5f154e1e36)

[OK] Create environment name demo-test-1 (2s)
Saving config to webxconfig:/home/jungle/test/.webx/webxconfig.yaml

[-- Check events --]

2019-05-09 09:57:07 PM: Start to apply deployment change, change Id is wc-5cd431b2dc509c5f154e1ec2
2019-05-09 09:57:08 PM: Successfully binded VPC(vpc-1kgkcouha)
2019-05-09 09:57:09 PM: Successfully binded VSwitch(vsw-wz9bflpiecxeotsgetdfl)