You can create an application in one of the following ways:

  • Run the wpctl init command:
    $ wpctl init
    No application get
    0) new a application
    Select a default application, default is create a application [0:new a application]:0
    You are going to create a application, please enter application name: demo-test
    [OK] Create application demo-test
  • Run the webxctl apply command: Specify an application and a deployment environment that do not exist. Add the --create-on-absent flag to enable the system to create the nonexistent application and deployment environment.
    wpctl env:apply
      --app target_app (this application does not exist)
      --env target_env (this environment does not exist)
      --package https://*** --label v1 (or just using existed package with --pkgId)
      --create-on-absent (ensure that the system creates the specified application and environment)