IP application accelerator is an layer-4 acceleration service independently developed by Alibaba Cloud. It provides acceleration service using proprietary protocol based on TCP/UDP. It provides network transmission acceleration for social networking, gaming, education, and financial customers, reducing service latency and improving availability.


IP Application Acceleration (TCP/UDP) provides low-latency and highly reliable layer 4 network transmission services. It can solve the problems of high latency and unreliable services caused by many factors such as cross-carrier network instability, origin with single uplink, bursty traffic, and network congestion, and improve transmission performance and user experience. At the same time, one can use proprietary transmission protocol and custom ports in IP Application Accelerator without any modification. If you need to use the IP application accelerator, please submit a ticket or join the DingTalk group (32263208) for consultation submit a ticket.

Why choose IP Application Accelerator

The IP application accelerator provides high-reliability, low-latency network transmission acceleration, and supports custom ports and protocols:
  • High reliability: Access to highly reliable network services that ensure reliability even in remote areas and reduce disconnections and user complaints.
  • Low latency: IP application accelerator has a wide distribution of nodes to help terminals get onto the network through nearby node and perform deep network optimization.
  • Custom ports and protocols: Your business can use proprietary protocol and custom ports to ensure service reliability and user experience.


The applicable scenarios of IP application accelerator are as follows:
  • It listens on non -80 and 443 ports to improve network performance and reliability.
  • Your service uses HTTPS, but it is not convenient to deploy certificates on Alibaba Cloud CDN, DCDN services. You can use IP Application Acceleration without deploying your certificate on Alibaba Cloud.
  • Use proprietary protocols, such as signaling protocol used by games and online education.
  • You expect to further improve the response time of first packet.
  • Accelerate the connectivity of your enterprise network, such as SSL-VPN.
  • Integrate IP application acceleration into your services. For example, improve the reliability and performance of SaaS services and enterprise networking.
  • Improve the efficiency and reliability of your audio and video transmission.


Features Feature
Change the accelerated region The acceleration region is the region where service acceleration is required. Currently, only mainland China is supported. However, the origin server can be deployed globally.
  • A terminal in Mainland China accesses an origin site in Mainland China.
  • A terminal in mainland China accesses a global (outside mainland China) origin site.
Acceleration Protocol TCP and UDP.
Acceleration Port You can choose custom port. Special cases are as follows:
  • Do not use the following ports:

    22, 123, 161, 162, 179, 830, 2049, 2601, 2605, 3389, 5049, 7547, 8082, 8087, 8182, 8888, 9998, 15772, 15776, 15778, 15779, 18053, 18098, 18099, 18888, 19313, 19777, and 56667.

  • If you need to add port 80 and 443, please submit a ticket or join the DingTalk group (32263208) for consultation.
Client IP Passthrough IPA allows you to use the TCP Option Address (TOA) or PROXY protocol to pass client IP addresses to origin servers.
  • TOA

    The TOA kernel module inserts the IP address of a client to the option field in the TCP protocol. Before you use this method, make sure that the origin server has the TOA kernel module installed. No modifications are required for the application.

  • Proxy Protocol

    The PROXY protocol inserts the IP address of a client into the TCP payload. By default, the PROXY protocol is supported by the open source versions of NGINX. For other types of web server, make sure that the PROXY protocol is supported.

Origin site high availability Supports SLB and automatic failover between multiple origin sites to achieve high service availability.

Customer stories

Currently, IP application accelerator has provided reliable and low-latency services for enterprises in multiple industries such as gaming, education, social networking, and the Internet of Things. .

Understand Billing

For more information about IP application acceleration billing, see Dynamic Route for CDN product billing.