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Create attributes

Last Updated: Jan 22, 2021

To perform event analysis, you should go to the Mobile Analysis Service > Custom analysis > Custom configurations > Attribute page, and configure the attributes to be associated with the event.

Here are the instructions on the attribute-related fields:

  • Attribute ID: Unique identifier of an attribute. The attribute ID must be globally unique in the whole App.
  • Attribute name: Name corresponding to the attribute ID, customizable.
  • Data type: Data type of the attribute value.
  • Unit: Unit of the current attribute.
  • Display status: Whether to display the current attribute.

On the attribute configuration page, click New to create the three attributes:

Attribute ID Attribute name Data type Unit Enumerable Display status
pay_time Payment time Character - No On
user_id User ID Character - No On
payment_method Payment method Character - Yes On