This topic describes the common request parameters in Elastic Container Instance API requests.

Parameter Type Description
RegionId String The region ID of the instance. Example: cn-hangzhou. For more information, see Regions and zones.
ZoneId String The zone ID of the instance. If you do not specify this parameter, the system assigns a zone ID for the instance.
SecurityGroupId String The ID of the security group to which the instance belongs. Example: sg-uf66jeqopgqa9hdn****. Instances within the same security group can access each other. For more information, see Configure a security group.
VSwitchId String The ID of the vSwitch that connects to the instance. You can specify up to 10 vSwitch IDs. Separate multiple vSwitch IDs with commas (,). Example: vsw-***,vsw-***.

For information about the signature methods in common parameters, see Request signatures.