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Reseller Subscription Statement

Last Updated: Apr 22, 2019
Description This file displays the detailed expenses for all of the subscription products in the name of the reseller, including the products subscribed by the reseller and by reseller’s subaccounts. Channel partner can deep dive details for subscription in this format.
Bill name Subscription Statement
Download document name Reseller Subscription Daily Statement Year-Month-Date
For example, Subscription Statement for December 28,2018 is : Reseller Subscription Daily Statement 2018-12-28
API GetDailyBill
Type of bill: DailyOrder

Bill details:

Field Description Example
User ID The UID of this reseller 5569414254138830
Linked User ID If it is reseller directly purchases the resources themselves, the Linked User ID is the reseller’s User ID. If purchased by customer or enterprise customer, the Linked User ID is their UID. 5154944603884570
Order Time The time of placing the order 2018/12/17 PM 17:16:01
Pay Time The time of paying the order 2018/12/17 PM 17:16:01
Order ID The ID of order 500566800070219
Sub Order ID The ID of sub order 500566800070219
Linked Order ID The ID of linked order 500566800030602
Product Name The product category name of the instance Elastic Compute Service
Product Code The product category code of the instance vm_intl
Configuration Details Instance configuration when the bill is generated Instance:Burstable Type t5 Generation IV 1-core, 512MB
IO Optimized Instance:IO Optimized Instance
System Disk:Ultra Disk /dev/xvda
Bandwidth:0.0000Mbps Data Transfer
Available Zone:Random
7.4 64bit Mem:512MB
Region:Asia Pacific SE 1 (Singapore)
Network Type:VPC
Professional Service:Yes
Quantity Quantity of the order 1
Order Type Buy or renew New Order
Auto Renew Status Whether this user is automatic renewal Disable
Solution Name The name of the solution
Service Start Time When the service takes effect 2018/12/12 PM 16:48:57
Service End Time When the service expires 2019/01/13 AM 00:00:00
Original Cost The original amount. 5.01
Discount Discount deduction 1.5
Coupon Deduct Coupon deduction fee 0
Pretax Cost The amount before tax has been taken away. Pretax Cost = Original Cost – Discount – CouponDeduct 3.51
Tax The tax amount. 0
Billing Amount The amount to be paid. Billing Amount = Original Cost – Discount 3.51
Currency Currency type USD