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Reseller Pay-As-You-Go Statement

Last Updated: Apr 22, 2019
Description This file displays billing amounts for Pay-As-You-Go resources during the current billing cycle. The Pay-As-You-Go resource statement includes the Pay-AsYou-Go bills for resources activated by the reseller and those paid for end users.
Bill name Pay-As-You-Go Statement
Download document name Reseller Pay-As-You-Go Instance Hourly Report+Year+Month
For example, Pay-As-You-Go Statement for January 2019 is : Reseller Pay-As-You-Go Instance Hourly Report 201901
API GetMonthlyBill
Type of bill: MonthlyInstanceBill

Bill details:

Field Description Example
Billing Cycle Payment days 201812
User ID The UID of this reseller 5309800371671480
Linked User ID If it is reseller directly purchases the resources themselves, the Linked User ID is the reseller’s User ID. If purchased by customer or enterprise customer, the Linked User ID is their UID. 5171700371623730
Product Name The product category name of the instance Elastic Compute Service - Pay-As-You-Go
Product Code The product category code of the instance ecs_intl
Instance ID The ID of instance i-t4n9l7j0plzc7xptlovd
Instance Name The name of the instance when the bill is generated iZt4nixr2rpri4d103sgmfZ
Region Instance location ap-southeast-os30-a01
Billing Start Time When the order takes effect 2018/11/06 PM 6:00:00
Billing End Time When the order expires 2018/11/06 PM 7:00:00
Original Cost The original amount. 0.129
Discount Discount deduction 0
Discount(%) Discount percentage 0%
Coupon Deduct Coupon deduction fee 0.00136
Pretax Cost The amount before tax has been taken away. Pretax Cost = Original Cost – Discount – CouponDeduct 0.12764
Currency Currency type USD