This topic describes the preparations required for calling the Content Moderation API.

Activate the service

Create an AccessKey pair

Manage your AccessKey ID and AccessKey secret on the Security Management page.

Note An AccessKey pair is the key for using the Content Moderation API and has all permissions on your Alibaba Cloud account. Keep your AccessKey pair confidential and change it periodically.

Create and authorize a RAM user

Content Moderation allows you to use the AccessKey ID and AccessKey secret of a RAM user to call the Content Moderation API.

Perform the following steps to create and authorize a RAM user:
  1. Log on to the RAM console, create a RAM user, and then generate its AccessKey ID and AccessKey secret. Properly keep the generated AccessKey ID and AccessKey secret for calling the API operations and SDKs later.

    For more information, see Create a RAM user.

  2. Authorize the RAM user. Grant the following system policy permission to the RAM user you created: AliyunYundunGreenWebFullAccess.

    For more information, see Grant permissions to a RAM user.