Queries custom image libraries.

Operation description

Operation: DescribeImageLib

You can call this operation to query custom image libraries. For more information about how to construct an HTTP request, see Request structure. You can also select an existing HTTP request. For more information, see SDK overview.

Billing method: This operation is free of charge.

QPS limit

You can send up to 10 requests per second to call this operation by using your Alibaba Cloud account. If you send an excessive number of requests, throttling is implemented, and your business may be affected.

Request parameters

Parameter Type Required Example Description
ServiceModule String Yes open_api

The name of the service module. Set the value to open_api.

Response parameters

Parameter Type Example Description
Id Integer 1279 The primary key ID of the image library.
ModifiedTime String 2018-03-19 10:45:44 +0800 The last time when the image library was modified.
Name String Test a The name of the image library.
Code String 808003055 The code of the image library.
Note The code of the image library is displayed in the Alibaba Cloud Content Moderation console. The primary key ID is used to identify the image library in the operation.
ImageCount String 191231231230 The number of images in the image library.
Category String BLACK The category of the image library. Valid values:
  • BLACK: a blacklist
  • WHITE: a whitelist
Source String MANUAL The source of the image library. Valid values:
  • MANUAL: indicates that the image library is manually created.
  • FEEDBACK: indicates that the image library is automatically created based on user feedback.
Scene String PORN The moderation scenario to which the custom image library applies. Valid values:
  • PORN: pornography detection
  • AD: ad violation detection
  • ILLEGAL: terrorist content detection
BizTypes StringArray ["bizTypeA", "bizTypeB","bizTypeC"] The business type of the custom image library that you set on the Moderation Policy tab by choosing Settings > Moderation API.
Enable Boolean true Indicates whether the image library was enabled. Valid values:
  • true: The image library was enabled.
  • false: The image library was disabled.


Sample requests
    "ServiceModule": "open_api"
Sample success responses
    "requestId": "6CF2815C-C8C7-4A01-B52E-FF6E24F53492",
    "data": {
        "TotalCount": 5,
        "ImageLibList": [
                "Name": "Test a",
                "Source": "MANUAL",
                "ImageCount": 191231231230,
                "BizTypes": [
                "Category": "BLACK",
                "ServiceModule": "open_api",
                "Scene": "PORN",
                "ModifiedTime": "2018-03-19 10:45:44 +0800",
                "Id": 1279,
                "Code": "808003055",
                "Enable": true
                "Name": "Hello aa",
                "Source": "MANUAL",
                "ImageCount": 0,
                "BizTypes": [
                "Category": "BLACK",
                "ServiceModule": "open_api",
                "Scene": "PORN",
                "ModifiedTime": "2018-03-01 19:20:37 +0800",
                "Id": 1222,
                "Code": "808003043",
                "Enable": true
    "code": 200,
    "success": true