This topic describes how to use upload callback.

Use the following code for upload callback:
#include <alibabacloud/oss/OssClient.h>
using namespace AlibabaCloud::OSS;

int main(void)
     /* Initialize the OSS account information. */
    std::string AccessKeyId = "yourAccessKeyId";
    std::string AccessKeySecret = "yourAccessKeySecret";
    std::string Endpoint = "yourEndpoint";
    std::string BucketName = "yourBucketName";
    std::string ObjectName = "yourObjectName";
    /* Specify the IP address of the server you want to send the callback request to, such as */
    std::string ServerName = "yourServerName";

     /* Initialize network resources. */

    ClientConfiguration conf;
    OssClient client(Endpoint, AccessKeyId, AccessKeySecret, conf);
    std::shared_ptr<std::iostream> content = std::make_shared<std::stringstream>();
    *content << "Thank you for using Aliyun Object Storage Service!" ;
    /* Set the upload callback parameters. */
    std::string callbackBody = "bucket=${bucket}&object=${object}&etag=${etag}&size=${size}&mimeType=${mimeType}&my_var1=${x:var1}";
    ObjectCallbackBuilder builder(ServerName, callbackBody, "", ObjectCallbackBuilder::Type::URL);
    std::string value =;
    ObjectCallbackVariableBuilder varBuilder;
    varBuilder.addCallbackVariable("x:var1", "value1");
    std::string varValue =;
    PutObjectRequest request(BucketName, ObjectName, content);
    request.MetaData().addHeader("x-oss-callback", value);
    request.MetaData().addHeader("x-oss-callback-var", varValue);
    auto outcome = client.PutObject(request);

    /* Release network resources. */
    return 0;

For more information about upload callback, see the "Upload callback" section in OSS Developer Guide. For more information about debugging methods and troubleshooting, see Upload callback errors and troubleshooting. For more information about the implementation of upload callback, see the "Callback" section in API reference.