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What can I do when I fail to log on to the mailbox but the logon page can be opened normally?

Last Updated: Apr 09, 2019

1 For an error indicating that the username and password do not match, ensure that you enter the full email address in the format: + @ + . You can also contact a postmaster to reset your password and use the new password log on to the mailbox.

2 For an error indicating that the user does not exist, ensure that you have entered the correct username. You can also contact a postmaster to ensure that your account has not been disabled or deleted.

3 For the error 209, ensure that you log on to the correct site or enter the correct account. This issue may occur when you log on to Alibaba Mail using a free account.

4 If the issue persists, you can access and log on as an administrator to open a ticket with the snapshot and URL of the error page.
If you do not have an administrator account, you can contact the Alibaba Cloud service center by calling 95187.